DevDay Da Nang 2018

I have given my first international talk of 2018 in the “Land of staggering natural beauty”, Vietnam at DevDay Da Nang. It happened at Da Nang University of Technology, Da Nang city. This conference is regarded as the largest conference among all the the IT events happening in Da Nang. We got national media coverage as well. This year 2000+ attended the conference. Most of the audience include students from the nearby universities and software professionals from city’s IT park.

DevDay organizers arranged Speaker’s warm-up dinner party a day ahead of conference. It mainly focuses on networking. I got to know that this conference has exponentially increased its outreach over course of years. This year conference has witnessed internationals speakers from various countries. Da Nang is attracting a lot of international software outsourcing companies with its brilliant and talent youth over here. There are few volunteer bodies aiming to literate Vietnamese students in IT sector to make them industry ready but they are facing challenge in terms of communication as English is becoming language barrier for students.


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Speaker line up has both Vietnamese and English talks. So far, English is regarded as language barrier but the times are changing now. Efforts are made educate bright Vietnamese students and let them teach the fellow students (Like reverse KT). My talk includes discussing new release of OWASP Top 10, discussing available open security tools to detect these vulnerabilities. Later, attacking a vulnerable web application using one of the open security tool.

Audience were really interactive during the session. They were curious to know more about each vulnerability in depth. I started with explaining the current goals for hacker and how they trying to achieve them. I have discussed few surveys and statistics which showcases the real threats to digital business.

After discussing the latest release of OWASP top 10, I had the opportunity of discussing the latest security upgrades that Mozilla has done for Firefox browser in their flagship release of Firefox Quantum. After the discussion, I gave a live demo on attacking OWASP JuiceShop using ZAP. This was the coolest part of the session as audience were able to see how I was fuzzing to get unauthorized login into application. We ended with interesting Q&A discussion.

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The overall opinion of the conference, its a must-go conference for local students. Its a conference come job fair event with companies having their stalls and accepting the resumes right there. Conference focuses on various IT domains without concentrating on one technology. Its a diverse and well organized event with a goal to “Inspiring IT movement”.

After the talks, they had super amazing closing ceremony, sharing few captures below.


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We are in news…!!

DevDay Da Nang on ICTnews: Click here

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Voxxed Days Bristol 2017

Roaring winds, chilling weather and lovely people – That’s Bristol, United Kingdom. Bristol is a city straddling the River Avon in the southwest of England with a prosperous maritime history. Voxxed Days Bristol is an annual event focused on bringing experienced speakers across world to deliver potential tech talks. I was invited as speaker to deliver a talk at Voxxed Days Bristol 2017.

Voxxed Days Bristol is a one day event with multiple tracks running parallel. It was attended by developers of various domains from in and around UK.

My session was scheduled for afternoon. I spoke on the current threats posing for web applications, what are the available open source web security tools that can be used to detect these threats/vulnerabilities in web app, how can you use them and a live demo to detect vulnerabilities using OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy). The one hour talk went very well. Many developers are new to web security domain and were very enthusiastic to know about these threats. Talk was attended by 50-70 attendees.  By the end of the day, I really felt proud that I was the only one representing a global organization, Mozilla n only Indian speaker!

Sharing my fav capture..!!


More details about my talk:


Mozfest 2016

Its always a wonderful experience descending through a thick blanket of fog covering London in the morning and landing at London Heathrow!

Yes, Let the celebration of Mozfest 2016 start!

This is my second Mozfest and I am super excited to be part of it. I was part of an exhibit in Demystify the Web space. I worked with Kevin Fann (Mozilla Employee) in installing the exhibit.

The installation aims to create a bit of suspended reality about the nature of a “selfie” of one’s face (a new phenomenon) and the nature of a reflected mirror-image of one’s face (a very old phenomenon).

It also attempts to add to a question raised earlier this year by Kevin Kelly, when he said in a Mozilla interview, “Vanity trumps privacy.” Does it?

The exhibit was visited by 500+ attendees.

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This year there were so many projects focusing on connected devices. I tried to fly a drone which lifts depending on my concentration power. Mozfest gives opportunity to interact with vivid cultures around the world and connect with like minded people.

Sharing the global Moz tech speakers group pic in foxy style 😀




Moz Tech Speakers workshop @ Mozilla India Meetup 2016

Mozilla India meetup is an annual gathering of active Mozillians from all around India. It happened at Pune, India this year. Myself and Diwanshi were asked to organize Mozilla Tech Speaker session at the meetup. We planned to give the jist of how we train the speakers once they were accepted into Tech speaker program.

Dietrich kick off the session with intro to Tech speaker program, What you can expect from program and who can be part of it.


Later, Diwanshi and myself shared few details on upcoming Winter training session, its dates to apply. We divided the participants into group of 5 people and started the activities which were focused to enhance their speaking abilities. One of the funny activity was battle-decks.

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The event was attended by 30 participants who were divided into 6 groups. At the end of the day, we had Mozilla India community pic with foxy!



Riviera Dev 2016

Surrounded by prominent MNCs around, Sophia Tech university is located at a place so called “Silicon Valley of French Riviera”. Riviera Dev is an annual event organized by Riviera JUG  (Java User Group) of French Riviera. This year it happened at Sophia Tech and I was invited to speak on “Securing the Web” at the event.

The fun started a day prior to commencement of the event. We had a speakers dinner on the coast of Vallauris. One interesting fact…. The sun sets at this place at around 2 am midnight! Lemme share few moment on the sea…

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Riviera Dev 2016 started with the key note by the organizers. Many developers from in and around French Riviera attended the event this year. I was really excited for my session. I need to admit that I was a bit nervous thinking how will I be handling a session for the people who are a far more experienced than me.

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My session was scheduled on second day. I spoke on the current threats posing for web applications, what are the available open source web security tools that can be used to detect these threats/vulnerabilities in web app, how can you use them and a live demo to detect vulnerabilities using OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy). The one hour talk went very well. Many developers are new to web security domain and were very enthusiastic to know about these threats. My talk was attended by 190-210 attendees.  By the end of the day, I really felt proud that I was the only one representing a global organization, Mozilla n only Indian speaker!

Sharing my fav moments during my talk….

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Grow Vizag 2016

“Grow Vizag” was focused on strengthening the Mozilla Vizag community and improving the volunteer participation in ongoing Mozilla projects. As part of “Grow Vizag” campaign, I was invited to deliver a talk on emerging connected devices and different projects that Mozilla was experimenting related to IoT at a National level fest happening at MVGR College of Engineering.

I took 2hrs long session focusing on different aspects starting from def of Open Source, being part of Open source community, Mozilla and its mission, Mozilla manifesto, Evolutionary IoT concepts, successful connected device projects in market and future of IoT.


The talk was attended by 218 participants of the age group between 18-20. They were so excited about the IoT projects out there. Few students also approached with their ideas.  It was an amazing event with energized participants.

At the end of event, I am presented with a book signed by the Dean of the college. Thanks to P Ramaraju for inviting me for the event!




Firefox OS and IoT @Tirupathi 2016

This was my first visit to Tirupathi not for devotional purpose. I was here to support the new born Mozilla Tirupathi in community building and to deliver talk on Firefox OS and IoT.


Mozilla Tirupathi Community building:

It was quick meet at cafe with the active Mozillians from Tirupathi community. We discussed on many issues that are effecting the community in its growth and tries to build solution for it. We also had discussion on venue for community meet-ups/events.

At Sree Rama Engineering College:

The morning session started with talking about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program, Mozilla Projects, OWASP and Contributions to FSA followed by Architecture of Firefox OS, creating simple webapp.

In the afternoon session, We moved to computer lab and participants were asked to work on their app ideas. By the end of the day 2 teams were able to come up with working app at their initial stages.

The event was attend by 150-170 third year and final year engineering students from the college. After the event, we were invited to have a meet with College Dean. The college administration agreed to provide venue for community events/meetups at free of cost. They were excited to launch Mozilla club in their college.

Thanks to Dinesh for inviting me. Kudos to Sanjay for supporting me at the event.


MozFest 2015

My heart filled with joy when I landed at London City Airport from Dublin. Excited to quickly kick start my day.. Cuz it Mozfest!! Yayyy I am here in central London to facilitate at the festival.


The 3-day festival kickstarted by Michelle Thorne. We had funny introduction sessions which broke the barriers of shy n hesitation to mingle with fellow mozillians. I just felt it as a family reunion. I can say this is  #mozlove ^_^

Here are few captured moments of Day-1.

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For Day-2, I quickly took note of workshops I gonna be attending. The first workshop for the day was “Hack the Backpack” by Matt Rogers. I enjoyed working with Mark Richies, CEO of Makewaves on designing badges for MozSec contributors. Later, I got chance to test the beta version of “X-ray googles” (You should definitely try it 😉 ) Fortunate to meet Chad from MDN team, We discussed on different template designs for MDN content kits. The atmosphere in MozFest will help you to interact with any Mr. X very comfortably. All thanks to Mozfest team for creating such environment.  One thing I realized was every conversation with a person revolves around the Mozilla principles and its mission. Sharing few crazy selfies of Day-2.

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The last day at Mozfest boosted my passion for contributing for Mozilla. I felt essence of global community. It answered few vital questions like

  • Why are you here
  • The importance of an active contributor in a community
  • What responsibilities you are bearing and how to carry out them
  • The role of a participation leader
  • Building healthy community

The Participation team lead by George Roter and his wonderful team has really showed its strong existence in Global Mozilla community. I am glad that I attended George participation meetup on day-1. His concept of farming was really inspirational and worth spreading word about it for building an efficient community.

My inspiration from this year Mozfest would be spreading word about global community of Mozilla and about open source culture in my region. Being participation leader, help to built efficient community and guiding contributors through a goal oriented pathway. Creating new pathways for contribution.

The group pics which shouldn’t be missed!!





Time for Asia’s biggest open source conference…!! FOSSASIA. I was here to represent the OWASP community and Mozilla. I was invited as a speaker for taking up a workshop on OWASP ZAP pentest tool.

I worked with the Simon Bennetts, The lead of ZAP for having a striking approach at the conference which was indeed succeeded.

It was a pleasant environment to have security enthusiasts at one place.  The workshop includes introduction to ZAP and its principles. A demo to perform automated attacks and manual attacks on  web application to explain the features of ZAP. Participants were really interested in knowing about Anti CSRF Tokens and Authentications control.

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The workshop concluded with giving chance to participants to shoot out their doubts for me. It lead to an awesome debate which I enjoyed a lot.

I had discussed about the various contribution paths that are available for getting started with ZAP. The details of point of contact were given for participants.

#Mozlove Mozilla family  🙂

Its been pleasure to meet Mozilla family from different parts of the world. Its just like the gathering of like minded at one place. We had organized Mozilla Booth at the venue. We had done our tasks, partied and fun…. J This time Singapore was the place for our joy and happiness. Stay tuned for more upcoming interested events.


Dining with Mozilla Team @FOSSASIA 2015 Singapore


Introducing Mozilla Winter of Security 2014

Hello guys,

We got an amazing opportunity to work closely with Mozilla…!! We were selected for Mozilla Winter of Security 2014. We were assigned to work under guidance of Security Automation Engineer, Mozilla. Before telling who are that “WE”, Let me share about the Project Aim and related stuff..

I am going to answer the following question which are currently crunching your brains 😉 So

  • What is MWoS?
  • Who can apply for MWoS?
  • What benefits do I get?
  • How to apply for it?


About MWoS :
MWoS is composed of 11 projects from the Security Automation effort, that directly map the needs at Mozilla. They are designed to solve real world problems in an innovative, and open way.

More about MWoS

Eligibility :
A student from any technical background can apply for it. (I can assure that a person who is an Open Source lover will surely feel it like a heaven 😉 )

Your Individual Benefits :
I know this is favourite section for everyone…. 🙂
I would share my experiences working with Open Source (Particularly with Mozilla Security Employees this time.)

Think ..Think .. Think ..

  • What will be your FEELING when your work is labelled with your name under Author section??
  • How do you feel when your name is present in every system throughout the world who are using that software??
  • How will you feel when you get the access privileges to modify the Source Code of the project in the Main Website of the software??
  • Did you ever thought of discussing with a person in video conference who turns out to be creator of “Top Security Tool of 2013″ ??
  • If that master mind becomes your mentor??

This is what I am talking about…. You can enjoy these all privileges and gain knowledge once you are into MWoS project.It was our pleasure working with the Simon Bennets (Security Automation Engineer. OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project Lead). He is our mentor.

–> We will be having biweekly video conference with our mentor regarding project. We learnt a lot…
–> I can SAY YOU that engineering subjects are outdated and you cannot relie on them for your success in life.
–> This project gave us a chance to explore the programming world outside. Everyday we learn a new concept and apply for our project.
–> You will interact with new people. There are lot many geeks and techies out there.

MWoS can be a path for you to connect with them to share and gain knowledge.
This can be your best chance to contribute to Open Source Project in real time environment.The chance which will give you recognition worldwide.

P.S : You also have a option to do this MWoS project as Group Project according to the curriculum of your college/University.

MWoS gave an opportunity being part of Open Source Community striving to make better software which are open, which make Internet better which in turn makes the world better.

Application Process :
Stay tuned to Mozilla Official Blog for any updates on MWoS. I think application form gonna go live between April-June 2015.
I am very happy for contributing to Open source project. Once you taste its essence, you wont turn back 😉 Happy Coding….

Who are that “WE” :                                                                                        secure

D. Sumanth (Reach him through @Sumanth_Damarla)

K. Sudarshan Reddy ( Reach him through @kurrisudarshan)

G. Sanjay ( Reach him through @sanjaygouri1)

We are classmates and benchmates too… 😉 It will be crazy when you and your team discuss about some coding stuff without listening to lecture and others around see you like bunch of nerds…. Give a try… :p

Mozilla Wiki Link of our Project : Click here